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NFC Quarterback Woes

The NFC East is undoubtedly the weakest conference in the NFL. It’s unheard of that had the Giants won on Thursday, they could have been one game out of first place with a 1-5 record. One thing is for sure, it certainly isn’t the year of the QB in this conference…

1. Robert Griffin III (RGIII): Sophomore Slump

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.40.26 PM

Personally, I think he came back too early. Coming off extensive knee surgery, the Redskins QB missed training camp and pre-season, with his first live rep taking place Week 1 against the Eagles. He seems to be step behind this year. Last year, through 4 games, he had 41 rushing attempts with 234 yards compared to this year with 18 attempts and 72 yards rushing. In Week 6 alone last year, he had 136 yards rushing. Either everyone has caught on to his style or RGIII lost a few steps.

2. Tony Romo: Choke

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.41.54 PM

Tony Romo. As a Cowboys fan, I have mixed feelings about Romo. His numbers are always amazing, but where’s the playoff magic? Romo chokes…that’s his M.O. Take last week against the Broncos. Romo had the game of his life, breaking the Cowboys franchise record of passing yards with 506. He had the highest rating in the NFL last week but his unbelievable performance is completely overshadowed by his interception to Danny Trevathan with two minutes left in the tied game. The Broncos ended up winning the game with a field goal.

3. Michael Vick: Out?

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.42.46 PM

Michael Vick’s start is questionable this week due to his early exit in last week’s game as a result of a hamstring injury. Is Vick past his prime or is Chip Kelly’s offense prematurely aging him?  I guess we’ll see on Sunday.

4. Eli Manning: Still not Peyton

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 9.43.33 PM

I have to be honest, my heart is breaking for Eli. He certainly isn’t completely responsible for the Giants’ disastrous  0-6 start but 15 interceptions, come on bud…you’re better than that. He looks so unsure of himself as he drives down the field. Granted, his O-line is doing nothing to help the situation and he is fighting pressure from all angles. The defense hasn’t shown up much this year either, giving up an NFL-high 182 points. Peyton however, is having quite a season. Will he match his brother in championships this year?

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You’re fired!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.47.17 PM

As Week 5 of the college football season came to an end, so did the jobs of two big time coaches. Both Lane Kiffin of USC and Paul Pasqualoni of UConn were fired after another devastating loss by these two storybook teams.

Many argue that these two coaches were never good for the job. Kiffin was hired as a 34 year old coach who never led a team to a winning season, failing both the University of Tennessee as well as the Oakland Raiders. His status as the son of renowned defense coordinator Monte Kiffin gave him the brownie points he needed for USC to give him a chance. Many people were appalled that the school handed a National Championship program over to a young guy known for his losing records.  While he did face several unfortunate sanctions due to improper gifts given to Reggie Bush before his tenure began, he still failed to coach ranked recruiting classes to winning seasons like the Trojans are used to. He was fired just hours after the 62-41 loss against Arizona State last Saturday, leaving the Trojans with a 3-2 record.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.55.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.54.43 PM

Paul Pasqualoni, along with Associate Head Coach George DeLeone, was also fired immediately after the Week 5 loss to Buffalo which left the Huskies with a 0-4 start.  The Huskies are not ready to give up on their season and look forward to pushing ahead with more success. It’s argued that Pasqualoni’s method is too antiquated for the changing game of football. While he has a history of success in college football as former head coach of Syracuse, his methods are not translating into wins anymore, leading the Huskies to a 10-18 record during his tenure. A running game that used to top the nation is now last in the country with only 45.8 yards rushing per game.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.45.33 PM

So its a new beginning for the gridiron gangs of USC and UConn. Only time will tell what the second half of the season will bring for these struggling powerhouses.

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Cheerleader Turned Sports Fan

IMG_0572I was six years old when I picked up my first set of pom pons. I have to be honest though, I wasn’t interested in the football games when I first started cheerleading. The only thing I wanted to do was compete. I dreaded every game I had to cheer at and counted down the seconds from the first snap of the game.

I took a stab at playing softball when I was 7 years old. My career started with hit, which ended up being my first and last. I didn’t swing the bat again that season, finding much satisfaction in a walk (which wasn’t hard considering I was about 3 feet tall with a very small strikezone).  I spent my time in right field working on my gymnastic skills and even did a few cheers for my team while playing the outfield. Comparable to Ricky Henderson (Hall of Famer who holds the record for most unintentional walks), I retired with a ton of walks, an admirable on base percentage and that one lonesome hit. I however, am still waiting for my Hall of Fame induction 😉

So I stuck to cheerleading and little by little began enjoying the games.  I learned the fundamentals of football and analyzed each game with my dad. I went from hating standing on the sidelines to loving every second of it. I have the best view in the house and am literally feet away from the action. Does it get any better?IMG_0566

I always used to say to my mom that cheerleading was a hard thing to stay involved in after you give it up. There’s no professional cheerleading league to follow or recreational adult teams to participate in. When it’s over, its over.

I realize now that this is not necessarily true in my case. While my days of standing on other peoples’ hands are numbered and I won’t do back flips for the rest of my life, the cheerleader in me will never die. I will always be a sports fan, always cheer on my teams (Yankees and Cowboys!) and forever cherish the love of sports that cheerleading helped me develop.

So welcome to my blog, a female fan’s perspective on everything sports.  I will be doing a lot of writing on current events, controversies, the big games along with how I celebrate them (recipes and tips to come). Stay tuned for an inside look of my very own sideline perspective!

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